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Illuka Vald
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Illuka Manor



Name of the project: “Restoration of Illuka Manor”

Project description: The overall objective of the project is restoration and enhancement of cultural heritage and provision of public access to the Illuka manor complex through renovation and development of the object (reg. no. 13853).

As a result of the project, Illuka Manor School in Ida-Viru County will be restored and public access will be provided. Within the framework of the project, internal and external works of the manor will be carried out, including renovation of the electrical system, low current systems, water supply and sewerage system, ventilation system, and indoor heating system. The outcome of the development project will be Illuka manor complex as an attractive destination of cultural tourism and holidays, where the presentation of the region's history and cultural heritage will touch you deeply and where the values are maintained responsibly.

In addition to the existing educational function, the project enables to use the manor from 2016 as a support to the local cultural and tourist centre. The planned exhibits, special events, various leisure options, accommodation, etc. in the building will provide local residents and guests with the opportunity to enjoy the historical and cultural heritage of the municipality of Illuka.

Due to the project, Illuka manor complex will be developed into a touching, exciting and authentic place to visit, aimed at different age groups and captivating different senses.

The project will be supported by: European Economic Area (EEA) Grants 2009-2014 Programme “Manor Schools Preservation Through Use”. The main objective of this program is maintenance and preservation of cultural heritage for future generations and to provide public access. Under the agreement, the program implementation unit will be the Ministry of Culture. In addition to EEA financing, also NGO Estonian Manor School Association will be a project partner.

Project duration: 01.12.2013.-31.12.2015.

Amount of refunds: 145 969.55 EUR, self-financing of 155 782.45 EUR.


 * Construction Procurement Notice

* Notice of procurement of supervision over the execution of the restoration work

* The second phase of the restoration of Illuka manor school

* Notice of the award of the construction work contract

* Notice of the award of the contract on supervision of heritage conservation and supervision of the owner

* Illuka manor school gets a fresh look

* Human bones were found in the basement of Illuka manor